Rental costumes

Rental costumes

Rental costumes to weddings, proms, etc. The price of 20 € for the complete costume. In the case...

Dance and music programs

Dance and music programs

FS Jahodná offers music, dancing and singing performances to PROMS, weddings, corporate events,...



Čepenie of the bride at a wedding in the length of the programme, 12 min. or 25 min. depending on...

  • Rental costumes

    Rental costumes

  • Dance and music programs

    Dance and music programs

  • Čepenie




Welcome to the new website of FS Jahodná. As technology progressed, as well as our web site had to switch to a new system that is safer and less prone to spam. We decided to change the design, to make this site responzívny, therefore also suitable for other devices such as tablets and mobile phones. This is the new logo of the site (you can find in the article to clarify the new logo). The site also includes the ability to quickly login using FB News or Gmail. If you are registered on our site with the email that you have registered and logged in at the same time you have the FB or Gmaily these services so you can quickly subscribe to the private zone of this site (user name, link, etc.). Also improved were the comments, where you can directly reply to a specific message, and all responses will be displayed under this administration. I recommend you take a look at our portfolio where you will find videos and pictures, drawn directly from our FB page. If something doesn't work, or if you have any ideas on what could be done to improve the page, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or even tell it to one of the Admins. So I hope you enjoy this new site quickly used and that you will enjoy.

The new logo

As you might have noticed our new page comes with a new logo. Be sure to ask why change the logo, whereupon it is good, and so on. So here's a little clarification of our rationales.

In the first place, but I have to say that the new logo does not mean automatically that the old legal disclaimer, it still belongs to Jahodnej and Jahodnou will be associated. This logo is nice, but it would not be appropriate for the design of a website, and also were with him problems when embroidering, just for embroidery logo was complicated. Also it was a bit too colorful.

Our goal was to create a logo, which was based on the folklore of Eastern Slovakia (handmade Pozdisovce ceramics), that there has been something of a dance (girls in Hung), to a connection with the Jahodnou, or with strawberries. (flower-shaped fruit, strawberries, skirts, strawberries) and to a maximum of 2 colors in the logo, which would be easily obmienať.

Thanks to Romanovej we have a logo that you can see Miške in the header of the page.Individual color modifications you can look at the following pictures:


Ballads and mood

Maiden Ivana Zezulku program.


State Theatre Košice

Jahodná in the magazine HalóTU

In the latest issue of the magazine HalóTU you will also find an article on our Jahodnej.

In digital form, it can be seen here:

or here:

An enjoyable read:)


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