Welcome to the new website of FS Jahodná. As technology progressed, as well as our web site had to switch to a new system that is safer and less prone to spam. We decided to change the design, to make this site responzívny, therefore also suitable for other devices such as tablets and mobile phones. This is the new logo of the site (you can find in the article to clarify the new logo). The site also includes the ability to quickly login using FB News or Gmail. If you are registered on our site with the email that you have registered and logged in at the same time you have the FB or Gmaily these services so you can quickly subscribe to the private zone of this site (user name, link, etc.). Also improved were the comments, where you can directly reply to a specific message, and all responses will be displayed under this administration. I recommend you take a look at our portfolio where you will find videos and pictures, drawn directly from our FB page. If something doesn't work, or if you have any ideas on what could be done to improve the page, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or even tell it to one of the Admins. So I hope you enjoy this new site quickly used and that you will enjoy.