About us

Technical University in Košice, Slovakia operates Jahodná FS since 1983. Members are college students (not only HERE) file, secondary school pupils, and working. In his work the file is processed to form a part of the folklore of Eastern Slovakia, comes from its authentic forms and translates them into choreography in the stage processing. In his repertoire is also a folklore of Western Slovakia.

In addition to the FS JAHODNÁ actsfile JAMPAM. It's a music-dance-the inventive team that when folk material processing using stylization, humor, and non-traditional members of the collective are members of procedures. experiment FS Jahodná and artists of various genres, who are invited to the performance according to the nature of the program.

The organizational structure of the ensemble

  • Legal norm: A set of activities in the Technical University
  • Creator: Technical University of Košice
  • Year of establishment: 1983
  • Artistic director and choreographer: Ivan Zezulka
  • A dance teacher and choreographer: Mgr. Art. Gabriela Zezulková
  • The head of the Organisation: -
  • The head of the folk music: Daniel Zuček
  • Lead singing: -
  • The average number of performances a year: 40
  • Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




  • Dana Petrovajová
  • Daniela Spišáková
  • Katarína Silvayová
  • Katarína Melišová
  • Katarína Karasová
  • Mária Hiščáková
  • Mária Maceková
  • Zuzana Herpáková
  • Zuzana Lehotská
  • Ema Garajová
  • Ivana Račkovská
  • Karin Firmentová
  • Victoria Martinková
  • Martina Hončárová
  • Dávid Dirga
  • Jozef Baltes
  • Martin Gavlík
  • Dárius Dzurilla
  • Pavol Megela
  • Adam Kaľavský
  • Ján Králik
  • Dominik Bartko



  • Violin: Daniel Zuček (primáš), Stanislav Jendrichovský, Matúš Ondruš
  • Accordion: Jozef Lipták
  • Bass: Peter Rybovič
  • Dulcimer: Ivka Harachová
  • Host: Peter Pavlik (contrabass, accordion), David Vlček (contrabass, viola), Zuzana Saloňová (viola)


Mgr. Art. Gabriela Zezulková


Mgr. Art. Gabriela Zezulková is active in the file as a teacher of dance and choreographer, artistic director (her husband), helps the completed Conservatory in Košice, Department of classical dance, has won the title at the ACADEMY of PERFORMING ARTS in Bratislava, Slovakia, in the field of folk dance. A dancer since 1988-1992 (London), 1992 Jahodná FS FS Gymnik (Bratislava), 1993-1995 MEMBER of SĽUK, 1995-1997 (Brno), where she was also Ondráš VUS dance educators, 1997-in today FS Jahodná.